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More Winforms Progress

Recently, I was afraid I may get coerced into giving a Winforms presentation at the Mono Summit. So I took some stats on how Winforms has progressed since the last Mono Summit. I evaded a presentation (on Winforms at least), but I still have some stats that really needed to be made into a pretty graph showing our progress over the last year.

Pretty much all that we are missing is WebBrowser DOM stuff and 2.0 DataBinding.

MoMA: Changes in 1.2.6 Version

I generally don't make any announcement when I release a new MoMA for the new Mono release. This is because you just click the "Check for newer version" link, which magically downloads the new definition files and life is chock full of rainbows and ponies. However, for the 1.2.6 release, we made 2 important changes to the definition files that warrant a mention.

- Removal of Design Namespaces -
One of our awesome mono-vangelists pointed out that people scan their app (and third party controls) and see all kinds of warnings about things missing in the Design classes. However, these classes are not used to run apps, just for designers such as Visual Studio. So we are potentially scaring off users for no reason. Therefore, beginning with 1.2.6, we no longer include the Design namespaces in MoMA reports. (If you really want the Design stuffs, you can download the definition file that includes them on the MoMA home page.)

- Addition of .Net 3.0/3.5 Classes -
Beginning with …