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Hack Week 2

For Hack Week this time, I decided I wanted something that I knew could be completed during the week, as I did exactly zero work on my last project after Hack Week.

So I revisited an old application of mine. As chronicled previously, I had written a Jabber/Xmpp client in VB.Net back in the day. So I spent this Hack Week finishing the conversion to C# and ensuring that it ran on Mono on Linux. I have a couple of bugs I need to file that I found, but it seems to run quite nicely on openSUSE:

Hopefully we can add it to the Mono VMWare image after said bugs are fixed. For now, it is located at:

And just to do something a little wilder and failure prone, I also spent some time getting MonoDevelop running on Windows. It will load, but some work definitely needs to be done before it is shippable:

Once again, thank you Novell for Hack Week!