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Hack Week 3

As part of this year's Google Summer of Code, there were two projects that got chosen that were on my personal 'to-do' list. I was happy these projects got chosen because frankly, my to-do list is not getting shorter nor are the days getting longer.

One of these is Ed Ropple's "Cloverleaf", which is an add-in to Visual Studio designed to facilitate writing and testing applications in Mono. We decided on the following features:

- Test in Mono: Clicking this would run the current solution/project on the Mono runtime on Windows.
- Scan with MoMA/Gendarme: Clicking this would run MoMA or Gendarme (which can run MoMA) on the solution/project.
- Test on Linux: Clicking this would take the solution/project output and copy it to a Linux machine or virtual machine, and automatically start it.

Ed did some great work over the summer, so for my Hack Week project I started polishing and packaging his code so we could get it into people's hands. Unfortunately, I only got…