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Pinta: Nil Dot Duo

I am extremely excited to announce the release of Pinta 0.2!

Pinta 0.2 is a big step towards general feature parity with PDN, by adding great new features like:

- 5 new tools (Paint Bucket, Recolor, Line, Zoom, Pan)
- 5 new adjustments (Levels, Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Posterize)
- 5 new effects (Ink Sketch, Oil Painting, Pencil Sketch, Gaussian Blur, Glow)
- Enhanced layer and history pads
- Multithreaded adjustments/effects rendering
- Basic OS X integration
- and more!

Full release notes (with pictures!) are available here.

Packages are available here, and likely more will be contributed.

The most exciting part about this release is that it isn't all my work. Pinta has attracted several great contributors who are helping it quickly move towards maturity. Without their awesome work, Pinta would be releasing today with only about half of these new features!

With 0.2 out the door, now I can turn to the merge requests already waiting to make 0.3 an even better release!

Delayed Transition

After Comcast's year-long advertising blitz on how their customers were safe from the analog->digital TV transition, I got a nice letter in the mail today informing me that Comcast is going, *gasp*, all digital. All I need to be ready for the transition is a digital converter box for every television, which they will gladly rent me!

Maybe the government will offer vouchers for them. ;)