this looks like a job for... tomorrow!

If you build it, they will come

Ever since I got a dog, and realized said dog would fetch himself to death given the opportunity, I have threatened to build him an automatic ball thrower. Unfortunately, I have the mechanical skills of a chinchilla. Fortunately, someone else has done all the hard work for me:

The Automatic Canine Fetch Machine (catchy name!)

This is great for those people who want a dog, but don't want to have to actually interact with the dog. It's like getting a television for your toddler.

Even a cold, soulless ball throwing mechanotron bucket can't say no to these eyes:

I don't get KDE

Last night while browsing the internets, I saw some screenshots of KDE 4.3 running on openSUSE 11.2. I've never tried KDE, so I installed the openSUSE 11.2 M8 build to briefly play with it.

What got me interested was this element of the KDE desktop:

I look at that and see hope. It is elegant and refined. It is glassy and tasteful. It says: "I can easily compete with Windows 7 and OSX." Simply put, it is beautiful.

Yes, there are some problems with it. The buttons do not highlight in any way on hover. There are no tooltips, so I don't even know what the top two buttons do. From what I can tell, they do absolutely nothing. But it really lives up to KDE's reputation of eye candy.

And then you open a window:

It is.. gray. There is no glass. There are no gradients. There is no depth. There is no elegance. There is just gray. It says: "I am kicking Windows 95's ass! Barely!"

I just don't get it. How can half of your desktop (let's call it "Plasma") be so beautiful, while the other half (let's call it "the stuff that is always going to be covering up Plasma") be so ugly and uninspired?

- I do not know if I am complaining about KDE, or openSUSE's implementation of KDE, or both.
- I lamented on the aesthetics of GNOME previously, so it's not "let's start a desktop war".


Has anyone created a farting app using MonoTouch yet, or is my golden ticket to riches still available?