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MonoDroid Progress

About 4 months ago, I worked on porting some of the Android SDK samples to run on MonoDroid. It was a soul-crushing failure. Every line of code I wrote exposed a new bug in MonoDroid which I had to wait until it got fixed to continue. Eventually I gave up on doing anything more than the absolutely trivial Hello World.

What a different story things are today!

I dusted off my unfinished Snake port, and it now works without modification.

Since I did it so long ago, there was no telling what magic I had in there to make it work on MonoDroid, so I ported another one from scratch. I grabbed the hardest sample I think they have: JetBoy. It's basically a fast-paced, Guitar Hero-esque game where you have to fire your laser to the music as each asteroid passes across the beat line.

After an afternoon of literal translation to C# (over 1k LOC), I fixed up the few Java porting issues like anonymous classes and nested classes accessing the parent class's private variables, and it *just wor…