More Winforms Progress

Recently, I was afraid I may get coerced into giving a Winforms presentation at the Mono Summit. So I took some stats on how Winforms has progressed since the last Mono Summit. I evaded a presentation (on Winforms at least), but I still have some stats that really needed to be made into a pretty graph showing our progress over the last year.

Pretty much all that we are missing is WebBrowser DOM stuff and 2.0 DataBinding.


Tom said…
This is pretty good to see. A lot of times when I get asked about WinForms and Mono, I feel bad telling them "Not exactly there yet - but it will be soon". Nice to have something like this to show how progress is coming.
Amber said…
forgive my naive (?) question, but what interests me is the 'NIEX' entry means?

All google is willing to tell me is
'No Notice Interoperability Exercise'...

gobbledygook gibberish flabberdygawk to me!

daniel said…
amber: my guess is "Not Implemented Exception"
jpobst said…
Ah yes, my bad. NIEX stands for NotImplementedException. Basically, if you call the method, it will throw a NotImplementedException (so you don't want to use these methods). The terminology comes from MoMA which will scan your app and tell you if you are using any of the methods in the graph: MISS, TODO, or NIEX.
Anonymous said…

that is pretty cool to see all the progress done in winforms!

Hope we will have soon other statistique from MOMA and and mono 1.2.6

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