Pinta 0.3 Released!

Twenty inches of rain couldn't stop the release of Pinta 0.3.

This is a great release, as it brings us pretty close to feature parity with Paint.NET.

I think the most important new feature is live preview, especially as this release adds 25 new effects to play with. It also adds 3 new tools (gradient, text, magic wand select) and has several visual improvements to make image editing / painting better.

I've posted packages/installers for SUSE/Mac/Windows/Zip, and the excellent Debian guys should have the Ubuntu PPA updated shortly.

Check out the full release notes for Pinta 0.3!

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!


Greg said…
Good work getting the release out.

Best wishes, and I hope all your family and friends are safe and dry.

I'm looking forward to working on the advanced selection features. I will hopefully be able to find some time to work on those soon.

Anonymous said…
Your tool doesn't work with Cyrillic paths on Windows ("can't open").

Useless for me for now since most of my pics are stored in Documents and Settings/%RUSSIAN_NAME%

And I was about to remove Paint.Net...
Anonymous said…
You let people download binaries for older versions. That's something the Paint.Net project go out of their way to stop.

Pinta FTW!
Anonymous said…
Speaking of text, may I suggest a usability feature? I think you guys should have a separate text layer so that you can do all sorts of text effects. Currently, you can type text but you can't edit it nor move it around once you're done typing. Also, it can't be aligned to the picture so you're left with text that is off center in the picture and it is a bit jagged. Needs to have more antialiasing as well as the option to outline to text for readability.

I think this will make you better than who, for some reason, still has abysmal text support after all these years.
Stifu said…
Yeah, I just found out Paint.NET rasterizes / flattens texts right away. Puzzling!

Anyway, keep up the good work with Pinta. I guess a nice and fresh code base helps making fast progress.
jpobst said…
Yeah, I think text could be a lot nicer by putting it on its own layer like PS. The current one is just a straight port from PDN. Now that we have the minimum required features, hopefully we can begin doing refinements like that.
Anonymous said…
Is it possible to add Russian language to version 0.3.2?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for Pinta. It is very good. Simple and potent

Is posible to use effects in Pinta? Thanks

Sorry my english. I am spanish (Spain)
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for Pinta!

I don't have to suffer from gimp anymore.

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