Delayed Transition

After Comcast's year-long advertising blitz on how their customers were safe from the analog->digital TV transition, I got a nice letter in the mail today informing me that Comcast is going, *gasp*, all digital. All I need to be ready for the transition is a digital converter box for every television, which they will gladly rent me!

Maybe the government will offer vouchers for them. ;)


Kevin said…
I have Comcast and they went digital in my area last year. I'm not sure if this is specific to my area (it doesn't appear to be), but I was able to log into their site with my account number and sign-up for a maximum of two free digital adapters at no cost (looks like they up it to 3).

I got them in the mail a week from filling out the on-line form, hook them up, came back to the site and activated them, and have had no issues since.

Here is a link to the site:

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