A Great First Week

I wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous show of support for Pinta in it's first week!

A few stats:

- The announcement of Pinta was picked up by several large tech news sites.

- The Pinta web site received over 29,000 hits.

- 23 people sent me emails of encouragement. (And 1 of discouragement.)

- People contributed packages for Ubuntu, OS X, and Pardus Linux. I was also contacted by people making packages for Fedora and Windows.

- Roughly 10 people sent me email offering to translate Pinta into a variety of languages. (We're not ready for translations yet, but I have a bunch of emails to send when we are!)

- 7 people have contributed code which has already been merged into Pinta's master repository.

Overall, it was a great week! I also wanted to thank everyone that I didn't personally reply to. I was flooded with emails all week and couldn't respond to them all!

Anyways, work has begun on Pinta 0.2. Thanks to many great contributions, my roadmap for 0.2 is already over halfway complete, so I guess I'll have to expand the feature list for 0.2!


Anonymous said…
Really nice :)

Excited where this will go, amazing speed.

Any chance that the Ubuntu packager makes a PPA?
Sadly I'm not good with debs, but I though asking doesn't hurt ;)
Drew said…
Glad to hear you are getting such a positive response! Fooled around with it for a little bit and it felt pretty good!

Hope to see it flourish into a highly adpoted application!
Ed Ropple said…
I dig it. I dig it a lot.

When things slow down for me I definitely intend on looking to contribute. This is the first OSS project in a while that's excited me, and I think it could be a jumping-off point to succeed where the GIMP (god, I hate that name) hasn't: a user-friendly system! Some things already come to mind for improving and extending it...I need to get this downloaded and start playing around!
Anonymous said…
It's a nice app. This was really missing under linux.

Talking about packages, I made one for Arch Linux (available in AUR http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=34391).
directhex said…

The current blocker on proper packages, as far as I can tell, is the lack of a stable release tarball of any kind - last time we tried, Git master wouldn't compile, and since there's been no use of tags or branches, there's technically no "0.1" to package.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm very impressed with your code on the project. It's really inspiring to be able to learn from Pinta and collaborate on github. I hope I can find the time to make bigger contributions and really make this app a strong contender. GTK, Mono and Cairo are all proving to be great to work with. Happy coding!
Anonymous said…
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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