this looks like a job for... tomorrow!

If you build it, they will come

Ever since I got a dog, and realized said dog would fetch himself to death given the opportunity, I have threatened to build him an automatic ball thrower. Unfortunately, I have the mechanical skills of a chinchilla. Fortunately, someone else has done all the hard work for me:

The Automatic Canine Fetch Machine (catchy name!)

This is great for those people who want a dog, but don't want to have to actually interact with the dog. It's like getting a television for your toddler.

Even a cold, soulless ball throwing mechanotron bucket can't say no to these eyes:


Jonathan said...

The dogs tongue to head ratio seems to be a little off. Are you using the same camera as Ralph Lauren?

directhex said...

Chinchillas are more into development than mechanical engineering -

jpobst said...


That is good to know! So I used that analogy correctly.