RMS mistakes and malattribution

Given the recent environment of reflection on past statements made, I have looked at my past to see if there are things I have said that might not be verifiably true.

I have said multiple times in the past that Richard Stallman was actually Weird Al Yankovic with a costume beard. I had heard this through various sources, but there is no published source that confirms this, and I now believe I may have accidentally completely made that up and passed it off as fact.

I have no way to verify that Stallman is not Yankovic, but there is no basis to claim he is. I apologize to Mr. Stallman, and, should he be a separate person, Mr. Yankovic.

While Mr. Yankovic may not actually be RMS, he does a have a history of Stallman-esque leanings, as exhibited by the original titles of his hit songs before the record labels changed them:

- It's All About the GNU/Pentiums
- Living in an Amish Paradise (To Escape the Evil, Proprietary Monopoly that is Microsoft)

So I don't withdraw my claim that RMS and Weird Al might be the same person. But I do withdraw my claim that RMS and Weird Al are the same person.


Ed Ropple said…
Straight Outta Harvard

Girls Just Want To Have EMACS (Forced On Them)

Wanna B Ur Hackr

Pretty Fly for a GNU Guy
Alan said…
You've managed to put my exact opinion into a deliciously sarcastic post. My hat's off to you!
andreia|gaita said…




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