Just reading the features page gets me excited! Check out these innovative new features in Snow Leopard:
  • Faster, more reliable installation
  • Automatic updates for printer drivers
  • Easy PDF text selection
And my absolute favorite:
  • More reliable disk eject
I think this one is especially key! Who's gonna want to use an ancient operating system like Windows 7 or Linux with their inferior (and unreliable!) disk eject technology?

Kidding aside, I will probably get this since it is correctly priced at $29. It's just interesting to see the hype machine running on all gears.

At the request of a friend, I have re-added the blood to the snow leopard that Apple apparently removed.


Andrew said…
It's funny. I've always advocated these kinds of bugfix and performance releases and yet I'm left feeling disappointed that there's nothing really outstanding here. I guess these "features! features! features!" marketing guys are right.
sdf said…
bugfix and performance updates are nice and dandy, but i don't expect those to cost money
Anonymous said…
How long did it take to have eject on linux? Many many years.

You just don't talk about universal binaries with all apps running on either 64 or 32 bits, Grand Central, OpenCL and a ton of other stuff, and really mac os x has a usable OS something that is not still part of linux, and certanly its not part of SuSe I fracking don't have an apt-get linux.

Next release of suse should be just dumping that crap program it uses to install packages (the one that starts with z and yast 2) and start using apt-get rpm. I would gladly pay $30 for that to come standard.
jpobst said…
How long did it take to have eject on linux? Many many years.

For all I know, Linux may not even have Eject. I have a button on my DVD drive that does that.

- Universal binaries are not part of Snow Leopard, they've existed for quite some time.
- Grand Central and OpenCL may be nice, it will depend on if anything uses them and how well they work.
- "ton of other good stuff": I would challenge you to name specifics. Most of the other advertised features are things like: "A new QuickTime player".

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