Lemons and Lemonade

What started as criticism that Linuxers couldn't watch the official Inauguration stream due to the use of Silverlight:

- OSNews - Inauguration on Silverlight: Some Linux Fans Upset
- ZDNet - Some Linux backers upset about selection of Silverlight to stream Obama inauguration events

Ended not only with Linux users being able to watch the stream, but with Linux being advertised to the tens of millions (?) of people watching the official stream on the official website on their Windows and Mac PCs:

That is advertising money can't buy, even if we included Linux with every commemorative plate sold!

One small step for Silverlight, one giant leap for Linux!


Ka-Hing Cheung said…
does it only show if it detects that you are on linux already?
jpobst said…
Nope, it shows that to everyone. That screenshot is running on windows.
Ed said…
But Jon, man. They're keeping the Linux users down with their anticompetitive monopolistic evil chair-throwing bald-CEOing.

Did you forget your koolaid? :(

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