Porting Guide

This past week, I wrote up a pretty detailed guide on porting Winforms applications to run on Mono. I originally planned it for my blog, but decided it needed a more permanent home like the Mono wiki.

So here it is: Winforms Porting Guide.

If you use it and come across things that don't work or could be made clearer, please let me know. And of course if you have suggestions or questions on other things that could use some documentation, I'd love to hear them as well. The comment section on this post is probably the best place for feedback, but you can also send stuff to [monkey *at* jpobst *dot* com].

Happy Hacking!


Anonymous said…
Nice guide, Thanks
Anonymous said…
Nice guide .. there is somenthing that I'm not ok ...

You say that we must use the Path Separator because the diference between Windows and Linux in File System organization.
I use the System.IO.Path.Combine (path1, path2) and workd very nice and we don't need to manipulate the string.

I'm sure that this is the best way to do it because use the framework and not a string manipulation.

The rest is ok for me. This is a good guide, maybe a little big and complicated for a first example.

keep the good work.

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal
jpobst said…

The guide mentions both Path.DirectorySeparatorChar and Path.Combine. It also gives examples of how to use both. I much prefer Path.Combine, but both are perfectly valid so I give both ways and people can choose.

However, I often wish Path.Combine would take a parameter array... :)

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