Running with Mono: Walkthrough

A few posts ago, I showed some images of what a Reversi project looked like running on .Net, Mono on Windows, and Mono on Linux. If you want to follow along at home, here's a walkthrough to running the game.

First, you need to go to CodeProject and download the game. I just downloaded the executable. Extract it to somewhere.

Mono on Windows
  1. Download the latest Mono setup package from the Mono project downloads page. Currently, the latest version is
  2. Run the setup program. GTK# and XSP are optional. GTK# is for application using the GTK toolset. XSP is for running webforms. Since I'm only interested in Winforms, I generally do not install these.
  3. This should create a Mono for Windows group in your start menu. In it, choose the "Mono- Command Prompt" program.
  4. Navigate to where you placed the executable.
  5. Run it using: "mono Reversi.exe"
Now you're not only losing Reversi to the computer, you are losing to the computer running Mono!

Mono on Linux (using VMWare player)
  1. Download the VMWare player here. This will allow you to run a virtual machine without installing a new operating system.
  2. Download the Mono 1.2.3 on openSUSE 10.2 VMware Virtual Image from the Mono download page.
  3. Run the VMWare player, and start up the openSUSE image.
  4. Once inside openSUSE, there are plenty of samples to play with.
  5. To get the Reversi game onto the image, either share a drive in Windows, and copy it to the openSUSE desktop, or open Firefox and download the executable again.
  6. The openSUSE image is set up so that double-clicking the "Reversi.exe" will automatically launch the game using Mono.
Now you're not only losing Reversi to the computer, you are losing to the computer running Mono on Linux!

NOTE: If you are not losing, I do not want to hear about it. I prefer to believe the computer is unbeatable.


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