Prerequisite: Introduction

Hi! I'm Jonathan Pobst. You may remember me from such Mono contributions as "ToolStrip: the one that looks like Microsoft Office" or "MoMA: that program just asking for a lawsuit from the Museum of Modern Art". Or you probably don't, but that's ok.

Since those contributions, I've been fortunate enough to be hired as a full time open source developer. I work mainly on Managed.Windows.Form (MWF): Mono's implementation of the .Net framework's System.Windows.Forms. Things that are specifically my areas are ToolStrip, MenuStrip, StatusStrip, FlowLayoutPanel, and TableLayoutPanel. I also maintain MoMA, and spend some time implementing some of the most needed SWF 2.0 functionality as reported by the MoMA reports submitted.

I decided I needed a blog because MWF is a really cool technology. But more importantly, it lends itself well to screenshots. I mean, I'm sure JIT optimizations and compilers are fascinating, but it's hard to convey that information with pretty screenshots, which is key. It's roughly akin to me trying to explain to my mom what I do for a living.

Another goal of mine is to reach out to Windows developers looking to get started with Mono. I've been developing on Windows since the early days of Visual Basic. I currently develop with Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP. Hopefully, I can improve Mono's functionality and features for people developing on Windows, as well as help to lessen the learning curve for people with a Windows background. MoMA was my first effort at this, and I've been very happy with how well it has been received (over 17k page views and almost 1k submitted reports).

Or I'll post three times and then abandon my blog, like 95% of people who create a blog...


m said…
You did forget to post a screenshot on this first blog entry ;-)

Maxim said…
Yeah... where are the screenshots? :)
Paco said…
A fine first entry :)

purplepangolin said…
I hope you are in the 5 :-). I work in a very Microsoft centric workplace so all of the areas you mention are important if we ever decide to move to Mono.
jpobst said…
Haha, for an introduction post about myself, the only appropriate screenshot would have been a photo editor with a picture of me, which I wouldn't want to inflict on the world, at least not on the first post. :)

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