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jackson had a good idea for today, and I thought I'd copy it. Since it's a holiday, I hacked on something other than Mono today. Before I worked on Mono, my open source community of choice was Jabber (fun fact: I did that webpage as well). Back then, I released a Jabber server written in VB.Net. One thing that I have laying around that I've never released is an XMPP client. Since it's written in VB.Net and uses the ToolStrip and MenuStrip controls, I figured I'd try to port it to Mono as another test case for the *Strip stuff.

I initially thought our VB runtime was missing too much and started rewriting it in C#. As I realized how much code there was, I decided that wasn't going to work. All of my logic and custom control libraries worked in VB, so I ended up leaving them as is. The main form was where most of the VB compiler magic ("My" classes) was creating problems, so I rewrote it in C# and used the other libraries as is.

After a day of hacking, I got something that I can at least make a screenshot out of:
I don't really know if I'll put any more time into it. Although I still find the project interesting, there's plenty to be done on Winforms 2.0 first.

Also, as the screenshot shows, I am currently running Vista. The plan was to dual-boot to see if I was ready to move. Vista had other intentions. It ate my XP partition. I didn't lose any data, but I don't have an XP partition I can successfully boot into anymore. I guess I'll use Vista this week, and determine which OS to reinstall cleanly this weekend. On the plus side, I didn't find any issues running Mono. :)


knocte said…
Why not using a VB->C# translator?

BTW, it would be nice to help this project become the new "Gaim": Galaxium.

It's written in C#, using Gtk# and has for the moment only MSN support. Do you know a good XMPP Mono library for writing a Jabber client?
knocte said…
I meant, for adding Jabber support to Galaxium, not a new client like yours (which BTW is very interesting though).
jpobst said…
Check out jabber-net . It's not written specifically for Mono, but it seemed to work well in my (limited) tests. The only thing I ran into was it didn't do StartTls encryption due to something not being implemented yet in Mono, so I ran without encryption for this.

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