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Hack Week 3

As part of this year's Google Summer of Code, there were two projects that got chosen that were on my personal 'to-do' list. I was happy these projects got chosen because frankly, my to-do list is not getting shorter nor are the days getting longer.

One of these is Ed Ropple's "Cloverleaf", which is an add-in to Visual Studio designed to facilitate writing and testing applications in Mono. We decided on the following features:

- Test in Mono: Clicking this would run the current solution/project on the Mono runtime on Windows.
- Scan with MoMA/Gendarme: Clicking this would run MoMA or Gendarme (which can run MoMA) on the solution/project.
- Test on Linux: Clicking this would take the solution/project output and copy it to a Linux machine or virtual machine, and automatically start it.

Ed did some great work over the summer, so for my Hack Week project I started polishing and packaging his code so we could get it into people's hands. Unfortunately, I only got "Test in Mono" done. I already use this a lot, but I think "Test on Linux" will be the one most helpful to me.

Currently, these tools are implemented as external tools, which will allow them to run in all versions of Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. In the future, we will also be making an add-in to provide additional functionality for people with the Professional editions of Visual Studio (the Express versions cannot run add-ins).

Running the project normally with the .Net runtime:

External tool options in the Tools menu:

Application launched running on Mono:

I created a .msi installer that will install the code and add the tools to the Visual Studio menu. Note that it does not remove them from the menu on uninstall yet, you will have to do that manually from the Tools->External Tools dialog. Feel free to test it out and let me know if it doesn't work for you, since it only got tested on my machine. Hopefully this will be the start of top-notch support for Mono in Visual Studio! :)

Download Install File

- Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.
- Mono for Windows installed.